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As lawn care experts, Moorlands Lawn Care tailors its services to your needs. We create beautiful, healthy lawns no matter what condition it starts in. With care and attention, we can establish a lawn that looks and feels incredible. With a tailored treatment program, we specialise our lawn blends to make certain the outcomes are for your individual lawn. Moorlands Lawn Care offer comprehensive and inexpensive services to rid your lawn of moss, weeds, and dry patches, creating a restored lawn that looks fantastic. Our expert lawn care system will care for your lawn through every season, all year round.

What services we provide

The lawn care services provided by Moorlands Lawn Care is everything you need to transform your lawn into weed free, vibrantly healthy lawn. Regular feeding, moss and weed control are all catered for so you can enjoy the results without all the work.
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A Personalised Assessment

Before you commit to a service, Moorlands Lawn Care specialists assess your lawn and create a bespoke service, ensuring you are fully informed of the service that best suits your lawn, and the options available.

Residential lawn care treatment

A beautiful home garden is nothing without a beautiful lawn that is cared for all year round. The attention that Moorlands Lawn Care provides will result in more time for you to enjoy your garden, instead of doing all the work yourself.

All year-round lawn care treatment

Our treatments change as the year progresses from a focus of over autumn/winter of moss control and micro nutrients to maintain a healthy lawn over the colder, wetter times of the year, to focus on herbicides and fertilisers over the warmer months to promote healthy growth and help keep weeds at bay.


Compacted ground can have profound consequences for your lawn, but this problem can be easily solved by aerating the soil. Moorlands Lawn Care use professional grass aeration machines that move across the surface of the lawn and punch metal spikes (tines) 2-3 inches into the ground. This creates hundreds of tiny holes in the ground and loosens compacted soil. If necessary, hollow tines can be used to pull a soil core out of the ground – this helps to remove troublesome thatch as well as aerating the lawn. Lawns should be regularly aerated so grass roots can develop healthily. Here at Moorlands Lawn Care, we recommend spiking your lawn every 2-3 years and carrying out hollow tine grass aeration every 3-4 years.

Lawn renovation

A process where the grass is stripped back, aerated, and scarified to remove moss, it is then over seeded and top dressed with rootzone to help achieve a totally renovated, thick, deep green, weed and moss free lawn.

Tailored control for weed and moss problems

If you have moss or weed problems, or even both, in your lawn, we create tailored products that manages and removes moss and weeds.

Pest control

Chafer grubs and Leatherjackets are the soil-dwelling larvae that cause lawn decay, seen as patches of yellowish-brown grasses which often dies. Additionally, damage by the animals that feed on them can create a lawn that looks like a ploughed field. Moorlands Lawn Care can bring these pests under control and relieve lawns of this problem.


If you are either moving into a new build that requires a lawn laying, are changing a patio area or paving into an attractive lawn, or even replacing a flower bed, and would like the area turfing, then Moorlands Lawn Care will provide you a quality first turfing service. Our turfing service will give you piece of mind, as the lawn will be professionally laid providing the best possible growing conditions for your new lawn to grow beautifully vibrant. We also offer commercial turf laying where we will accommodate your project to give the best possible results.

Weed control

With or without a focus on your lawn, our residential weed control service for paths, walkways, patios, and drives is available to create a whole garden experience you can enjoy.

Commercial weed control

Moorlands Lawn Care offers tailored weed control solutions to commercial sites, keeping walkways, carparks and access points weed and moss free. Your commercial premises will be safe for those working and visiting. Contact us for more information.


Lawn scarification is the process of pulling dead moss and thatch out of your garden lawn. In the short term, scarifying your grass will make your lawn look worse, but once it recovers, it will be far healthier than before. Moorlands Lawn Care scarification schedule are ideal to ensure that it is followed by beneficial weather conditions that assist with the lawn’s recovery. Moss control should be carried out in advance, as lawn scarification could end up spreading moss spores across the lawn and making things worse than before.

Top Dressing

The soil in your garden plays a major part in the development of your lawn. Thin, sandy soils and heavy clay soils are not ideal for lawns, but a top dressing service from Moorlands Lawn Care can alter the nature of your topsoil and significantly improve the growing conditions. The right mixture of top dressing will complement and gradually change the properties of your existing soil. Top dressing services provided by Moorlands Lawn Care include:
•  Increase soil aeration.
•  Improve surface drainage.
•  Protect newly seeded areas of your lawn.
•  Control and reduce the overall build-up of thatch.
•  Fill in joists between newly laid turf.
•  Encourage greater rooting.
•  Stimulate grass growth.


Moorlands Lawn Care - Lawn Diseases

At Moorlands Lawn Care, we can identify and treat most diseases that affect lawns. The following diseases are the main problems that we see in Staffordshire and around the UK.  Treating these as soon as they are seen is important, so the disease is stopped from spreading. 

Putting our Moorlands Lawn Care management systems in place will reduce the likelihood of these diseases becoming present and causing issues.

Red Thread 

Dry Patches

Mushrooms, Toadstools

Snow Mould and Fairy Rings

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Moorlands Lawn Care Offers and Plans

We are currently offering our winter treatment plans at a discounted rate, this includes a winter fertiliser with turf hardener and a moss treatment to make sure that your lawn makes it through winter in the best possible shape.  

Every customer will receive a FREE Moorlands Lawn Care personalised assessment worth £25We are also offering an amazing winter deal for all new customers. 

•  Lawns up to 100²m an amazing £10 per treatment.
•  Lawns between 101²m and 200²m for just £15 per treatment.
•  Lawns between 201²m and 300²m for just £20 per treatment.

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